14 October 2013

está lloviendo en Baja

"It never rains in Baja."  That's what Santiago told his clients months ago when they booked their Carmen Island trip.  Sure enough, the morning they launch it's raining harder than ever.  Harder than many of the locals have seen before.  Hidalgo, the main street heading to the beach, has literally transformed into a river, flowing to the sea.  Right now it's reached 4 inches deep and is close to breaking over it's banks - I mean the curb.  We've been watching the standing waves & the current and dreaming of paddling this beauty.  If only it were a few feet deeper...

Ramon stands ankle deep in rain outside the Sea Kayak Baja Mexico retail store in Loreto, BCS

The Hidalgo river outside SKBM

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  1. Wow. Hard to believe the weather was so nice just a few days before. Not that I would have personal knowledge of that.....